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Support Madison County's Volunteer Fire Departments

 Support Madison County’s Volunteer Fire Departments

The Madison County Volunteer Fire Departments and the Madison County Board of County Commissioners are asking for the public’s support to raise the fire assessment to help the Volunteer Fire Services protect our homes and business.  Fire budgets have remained the same for over a decade, while equipment and supply costs have risen. Consequently, the volunteer departments have been unable to replace fire trucks, hoses and the protective gear they so desperately need. At this same time, the Florida Legislature cut the County’s fire budget approximately $68,000 by exempting agricultural land from fire assessment.  To overcome these challenges, we are asking for your support to increase individual assessments to help our volunteer departments.
Highlights of the six year fire budget Includes funds for:
1.    A Fire Coordinator Position
The Fire Coordinator will help assist all eight volunteer fire departments with the following:
·        Recruitment of Volunteers
·        Maintaining Records and Submit all Required Reports
·        Apply for and Manage Federal and State Grants
·        Organize Training Events
·        Procurement of Materials and Services
2.    Matching Grant Funds
To be eligible for Federal and State grants, the county has to provide 10% to 20% of the total purchase cost of the truck or equipment.  A line item has been placed in the budget to provide money to match.
3.    Training
Money has been included to train volunteers and existing county emergency medical services personnel for firefighting. Over the next 6 years, the county’s emergency medical technicians (EMTs) and paramedics will be training to assist the volunteer departments.
4.    Dual Certified Stipend
Money has been included to give emergency medical services personnel with fire certifications a stipend to assist the volunteer department during emergencies.

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