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BOCC Minutes Special Meeting August 8, 2007

                                         BOARD OF COUNTY COMMISSIONERS




                                                         COURTHOUSE ANNEX


                                           MINUTES OF THE SPECIAL MEETING


                                                  WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 8, 2007


                                                                      9:00 A.M.



The Board of County Commissioners of Madison County, Florida met this day in Special Session with the following members present: Ricky Henderson (District 1), Wayne Vickers (District 2), Ronnie L. Moore (District 3), Alfred Martin (District 4), and Roy Ellis (District 5).  Also, present were County Coordinator Allen Cherry, County Clerk Tim Sanders, Clerk of Courts Finance Director Sandra Bass and Deputy Clerk Lessia Freeman.


The Chairman, Honorable Roy Ellis, called the meeting to order and stated the purpose of the meeting was to continue work on the 2007-08 fiscal year budget.


The Clerk presented the Board with the FY 2008 Tentative Budget as of August 8, 2007 and a 2007-08 FY BUDGET RECAP (#4) dated August 8, 2007 for the following funds and balances:  General (+$4,038,063), County Transportation Trust Fund (+$28,312), Capital Projects ($0), Fine and Forfeiture (-$3,970,302), Solid Waste (-$2,686), Emergency Medical Services (+$7,972-balance with Small County Surtax proceeds), Landfill Closure (-$132,500), and Fire ($0).  The Clerk noted a negative balance of $64,739 for the General Fund.


The Clerk also reviewed Fine and Forfeiture estimated line item balances compiled by the Clerk’s Office as of September 30, 2007 based upon actual expenditures as of June 30th presented by the Sheriff’s Office.  The expenditure projections show a negative balance of $81,071 at year end for Law Enforcement and Detention & Correction.  The Board by consensus asked the Clerk to request from the Sheriff his expenditures as of the end of July.


Mr. Cherry presented a schedule of possible cost savings for vehicle use and cell phone use by departments.  Estimated savings by elimination of vehicles driven home by non-emergency departments (Assistant Ag Agent, Building Inspector, Facility Maintenance, Solid Waste, and Mosquito Control) were shown to be $6,241.63.  Upon a motion by Commissioner Moore, seconded by Commissioner Henderson, the Board voted unanimously (5-0) to approve a new vehicle policy, as presented, effective immediately.


Mr. Cherry also reviewed possible savings for cell phone use by county employees and a proposal to convert county cell phone plans to individuals with a $25 per month stipend to the employee from the county.  Upon a motion by Commissioner Martin, seconded by Commissioner Moore, the Board voted unanimously to approve said cell phone usage proposal and $25 monthly stipend.


The Clerk in order to increase General Fund revenues offered to provide administrative resources for the gasoline purchases by county departments at Road and Bridge.


Sheriff Pete Bucher reported his office is still working on the Sheriff’s Law Enforcement and Detention & Correction budget.  He also explained the Sick Leave “buy-back” policy whereby once an employee reaches a 320 hour sick leave cap, he or she is paid through a deferred compensation account.


Discussion followed on a potential fee assessment by the Sheriff’s Office for background checks.


After considerable discussion on the Sheriff’s proposed budget, Sheriff Bucher suggested the Clerk Finance Officer meet with his finance personnel to review current expenditures and report back to the Board on the next scheduled Budget Session.


In lieu of the Public Works Director’s retirement at the end of the calendar year, the County Coordinator presented a reorganization proposal of the Road and Bridge Department making Robert Henderson interim Road and Bridge Coordinator.  The Board by consensus approved said proposal.  The Board also by consensus approved hiring Mr. McClune after his retirement on a contractual basis for tasks approved by the Board requiring his expertise.


Discussion followed on Special Assessments for Fire and Solid Waste services.


The Board also by consensus approved having a dinner for the county’s volunteer firefighters and spouses at the expense of the commissioners, county coordinator, and clerk on September 20th .  


The Board by consensus approved another Special Meeting to continue work on the budget for Thursday, August 16th at 3:00 P.M. 


There being no further business, the Chairman adjourned the meeting at 11:50 A.M.


Board of County Commissioners

Madison County, Florida


By: ________________________

      Roy Ellis, Chairman




Tim Sanders, Clerk to the

Board of County Commissioners

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