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BOCC Minutes December 15, 2010


4:00 P.M.
The Board of County Commissioners of Madison County, Florida met this day in Regular Session with the following members present: Justin Hamrick (District 1), Wayne Vickers (District 2), Renetta Parrish (District 3), Alfred Martin (District 4), and Roy Ellis (District 5). Also present were County Attorney George T. Reeves, County Coordinator Allen Cherry, and County Clerk Tim Sanders.
            The Chair, Honorable Renetta Parrish, called the meeting to order and called the roll.
Upon a motion by Commissioner Martin, seconded by Commissioner Vickers, the Board voted unanimously (5-0) to approve the agenda as presented.
            Under Petitions From The Public, Mr. Mack Primm stated that he would be happy to serve once again on the Planning and Zoning Board since there is a vacant Alternate Member position. Commissioner Martin asked that the matter be placed on the agenda for the next Regular Meeting.
The minutes of the Regular Meeting held on December 1, 2010 were presented for review. Upon a motion by Commissioner Vickers, seconded by Commissioner Martin, the Board voted unanimously to approve said minutes as presented.
Upon a motion by Commissioner Martin, seconded by Commissioner Vickers, the Board unanimously approved the Consent Agenda (1. Budget Amendment Request for Special Assessment-Fire-Amend budget to actual revenues and expenditures; 2. Budget Amendment Request for County Transportation Trust Fund–Reallocate funds from “Overtime” to “Regular Salaries” due to job reclassifications resulting in no change to the overall budget; 3. Approval to declare Solid Waste vehicles as surplus).
Regarding an inquiry by Commissioner Hamrick on striping NW Pickle Lane, County Engineer Bill Steves reported that plans for improvements to the intersection of NW Pickle Lane and U. S. Highway 90 are almost complete and striping is scheduled to be done once the roadway is completed. Road & Bridge Department Field Specialist Lonnie Thigpen explained the prioritization process for striping of paved county roads and the estimated costs per mile. 
Commissioner Hamrick also reported that Yellow Pine Avenue in YELLOW PINE SUBDIVISION is now being used as a “cut-through” between U. S. Highway 90 and the Valdosta Highway to avoid Brickyard Pond Avenue, which has Speed Bumps. Commissioner Hamrick presented a Petition “requesting Speed Bumps to slow down traffic and possibly save a life” signed by residents of YELLOW PINE SUBDIVISION who live along and/or use Yellow Pine Avenue to get to their homes. Mr. Thigpen reported a cost of $207.50 per 4 foot wide by 4 inch high Speed Bump installation, plus $68.72 for two signs.   Upon a motion by Commissioner Hamrick, seconded by Commissioner Martin, the Board voted unanimously to place three Speed Bumps on Yellow Pine Avenue.
Ms. Ray Pike asked the Board to approve the Chair’s signature upon a list of supporters of MADISON’S MILITARY FAMILY & COMMUNITY COVENANT and the use of the County’s “Madison” logo, which was developed by the Tourist Development Council. Ms. Pike explained the covenant is non-binding and is the first phase in building a partnership of support between the Community and Military Service Members, Veterans, and their Families, with emphasis on bringing wounded warriors to Madison and North Florida Community College. She stated the actual signing will take place at Van H. Priest Auditorium some time in February 2011. A motion was made by Commissioner Vickers and seconded by Commissioner Martin to approve the Chair’s signature upon said document. Motion carried 5-0.
Parks and Recreation Department Director Tommy Garner made a request to the Board to reduce the rental fees per field per day at the Recreation Complex from $125.00 to $100.00 in an attempt to host the 2011 Tallahassee Merchant Madness Girls Fast Pitch Softball Tournament. He reported the tournament will have 28–32 teams participating over a three-day period and will be an economic boost to the area. Upon a motion by Commissioner Martin, seconded by Commissioner Ellis, the Board voted unanimously to approve said field rental reduction.
Mr. Brad Campbell of ECCOSTONE, which manufactures and sells veneer composite building materials, building panels, and artistic decorative accessories for architectural, construction, and remodeling projects, requested a letter of intent from the Board to donate the County property on Dale Leslie Drive to build their new building and locate their business in Madison County. County Attorney Reeves advised the letter of intent for the donation of all or part of the property to bring the facility to Madison County would be non-binding. He stated the property would be used by ECCOSTONE for financing. 
Mr. Campbell reported the company has a small facility in Tallahassee and the new facility in Madison County would initially employ fifty (50) people and use ten (10) acres of the tract of land. Mr. Campbell presented samples of the product that will be manufactured in Madison County. Mr. Reeves explained the process of completing a transaction such as this, if the Board wished to move forward, and see if ECCOSTONE can acquire adequate financing. A motion was made by Commissioner Martin and seconded by Commissioner Vickers to approve said non-binding letter of intent. Motion carried 5-0.
The Chair directed the Board’s attention to a scheduled First Public Hearing for a Large Scale Amendment to the Comprehensive Plan requested by the Suwannee River Water Management District (SRWMD). County Planner Jeanne Bass reported the SRWMD has made application to amend the Future Land Use Map of the Comprehensive Plan by changing the future land use classification by ordinance (AN ORDINANCE OF MADISON COUNTY, FLORIDA, AMENDING THE FUTURE LAND USE PLAN MAP OF THE MADISON COUNTY COMPREHENSIVE PLAN, AS AMENDED; RELATING TO AN AMENDMENT OF MORE THAN TEN ACRES OF LAND, PURSUANT TO AN APPLICATION BY THE SUWANNEE RIVER WATER MANAGEMENT DISTRICT (“SRWMD”), UNDER THE AMENDMENT PROCEDURES ESTABLISHED IN SECTIONS 163.3161 THROUGH 163.3215, FLORIDA STATUTES, AS AMENDED; PROVIDING FOR AMENDING THE FUTURE LAND USE PLAN MAP OF THE COMPREHENSIVE PLAN BY PROVIDING FOR CHANGING THE FUTURE LAND USE CLASSIFICATION FROM CONSERVATION TO AGRICULTURE-1 (1 DWELLING UNIT PER 40 ACRES) OF CERTAIN LANDS WITHIN THE UNINCORPORATED AREA OF MADISON COUNTY, FLORIDA; PROVIDING SEVERABILITY; REPEALING ALL ORDINANCES IN CONFLICT; AND PROVIDING AN EFFECTIVE DATE) from Conservation to Agriculture-1 (1 dwelling unit per 40 acres) for the following described property: the West half of section 13, township 2 north, range 10 east, containing 320 acres, more or less. She noted the potential impact to the County by granting this land use change is a potential increase from 0 to 8 dwellings on the 320 acre tract. Ms. Bass also reported the Planning and Zoning Board unanimously voted to recommend approving the request for transmittal to the department of Community Affairs (DCA).
Mr. Terry DeMott of the SRWMD reported the subject 320-acre tract is not located within a wetland and has no high water resource value. He also reported the property has a potential buyer in the agriculture business and the change in land use must be approved for the potential business venture. The Chair opened the public hearing for public comment. Hearing none, the public comment portion of the hearing was closed. A motion was made by Commissioner Ellis and seconded by Commissioner Vickers to approve the application request and transmittal to DCA. Motion carried 5-0.
Consideration for Drug Testing Services for employees of the Board and Constitutional Officers of the County (with the exception of the Sheriff’s Department) came under discussion. The Clerk reported the following two bids found in the Commissioner’s packet were received in the Clerk’s Office and opened on Thursday, December 9th:
1.      Airport Clinic, Inc., 704 Gil Harbin Industrial Blvd., Valdosta, GA
2.      Tax Doctor MD & More, 177 SW Horry Avenue, Madison, FL
Mr. Steve Graham of Airport Clinic, Inc. reported he has provided Drug Testing Services for Madison County for the past 13 years. Besides drug testing, Mr. Graham stated he developed a Policy and Procedures Manual used by the County and has provided training for supervisors and employees. He stated he has professional liability insurance in place, employs eight technicians, has his own Medical Review Officer (MRO), and a group of attorneys that work for his company    He also noted Madison County has never been in a lawsuit, while he has provided said services. Mr. Graham stated he has been available 24 hours a day for 13 years and never had a price increase because of his volume of work. He listed the Madison County Sheriff’s Office, Tri-County Electric Cooperative, and Suwannee Valley Electric as some of his clients in the area. 
Ms. Meshalene Love-Taylor, owner of Tax Doctor MD & More, stated her company is new to drug screening and holds accounts with the City of Madison and the Town of Greenville. She noted Tax Doctor MD & More has the same professionals on standby to give the same support to the County as Airport Clinic. Ms. Love-Taylor also reported her company has five technicians for testing services and feels her office is capable of handling the County’s needs. Ms. Love-Taylor also reported she is in talks with Tri-County Electric Cooperative and Johnson & Johnson, Inc. about getting their drug testing business. As for insurance, Ms. Love-Taylor stated she does have the necessary insurance with Travelers.
The Chair reported the City of Madison and the Town of Greenville are pleased with the work of Tax Doctor MD & More. Commissioner Martin stated Mr. Graham has done a great job for the County, but he prefers to shop at home. Commissioner Ellis stated he saw no real cost differences in the quotes with add-ons and made a motion, seconded by Commissioner Vickers, for the Board to have Airport Clinic to continue Drug Testing Services for the County. Motion failed 2-3 with Chair Parrish and Commissioners Hamrick and Martin opposed. A motion was then made by Commissioner Martin and seconded by Commissioner Hamrick to award the Drug Testing Services bid to Tax Doctor MD & More. Motion carried 3-2 with Commissioners Ellis and Vickers opposed.
Madison County Sheriff Ben Stewart gave the Board an update on the funeral arrangements for former Deputy Sheriff Clarence Donaldson, who served the citizens of the County for 25 years. The Sheriff also reported the Sheriff’s Office now has a new web page.
Madison County Property Appraiser Leigh Barfield presented the Board with a letter to her from the Florida Department of Revenue (FDOR) regarding approval of the County’s assessment roll for 2010. The Property Appraiser also gave the Board a paper entitled ELIGIBILITY CRITERIA TO QUALIFY FOR PROPERTY TAX EXEMPTION from the FDOR and asked the Board to provide the information on said exemptions to their respective district constituents.
Madison County Supervisor of Elections Jada Woods Williams reported giving back $23,282.75 of unspent 2009-2010 fiscal year budgeted funds to the Board. She also stated her office could use another full-time employee.
Mr. Will Rutherford of Clemons, Rutherford & Associates, Inc. referred to a proposed first floor renovation plan of the Madison County 911/Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Facility. He reported meeting with the Sheriff, EMS Director Juan Botino, Commissioner Martin, and Mr. Cherry on numerous occasions in the development of said plan to accommodate all potential uses of the building, formerly Robinson Motor Company. Mr. Rutherford stated construction documents are ready to bid and asked the Board for permission to proceed after the first of the year and come back to the Board for final approval. He also advised $140,000 of the $560,000 grant is a match from the County and for the grant to be viable, prison inmates must be able to do some of the work. He also reported he will work with the Clerk’s Office for purchasing, as in the past with construction projects, to take advantage of sale tax exemptions. Upon a motion by Commissioner Martin, seconded by Commissioner Vickers, the Board voted unanimously to approve the proposed renovation plan and proceed with bids.
Commissioner Ellis reported that the Madison County Development Council (MCDC) would like the Board to postpone any action on the Old Jail and Old Senior Citizens property for sixty (60) days in order to give a MCDC Task Force Committee time to look into the possibility of using the county property and buildings for business incubator sites. Madison County Chamber of Commerce and Tourism Executive Director Ted Ensminger reported the committee would come back to the Board with its findings and a recommendation in mid-February. A motion was made by Commissioner Vickers and seconded by Commissioner Ellis to allow said committee 60 days to prepare a report on the proposed use of said property and buildings for the Board’s consideration. Motion carried 5-0.
Commissioner Hamrick asked for confirmation that the Drug Testing Services bid was for all county employees, except employees of the Sheriff’s Office.
Commissioner Vickers asked for guidance on the use of the Fire Services Reserve or Contingency Fund. The Clerk responded the use of said funds is typically recommended by and approved by the Fire Board and the Board of County Commissioners.
The Clerk asked the Board for assistance on the timing of the change in providers for Drug Testing Services. The County Attorney advised that Tax Doctor MD & More should provide a contract for review and approval by the Board before proceeding. Mr. Sanders also presented the Board for review a FISCAL YEAR 2010-2011-OCTOBER 2010-STATEMENT OF ACTUAL AND ESTIMATED REVENUES AND STATEMENT OF EXPENDITURES, ENCUMBRANCES AND APPROPRIATIONS.
Mr. Cherry and Mr. Steves presented the Board with an aerial photograph of the County Road 150 (Lovett Road) bridge and surrounding area and discussed the possibility of placing a temporary road for local traffic only, parallel with the existing bridge and upon adjacent Rooks property, while the bridge is being replaced. The Board by consensus agreed to allow Mr. Cherry and Mr. Steves to proceed with the temporary road idea and make contacts with the Rooks, Suwannee River Water Management District, and also, Tri-County Electric Cooperative for temporary use of their easement.
Mr. Cherry also mentioned the meeting scheduled with Senator-Elect Bill Montford on Monday, December 20th at 10:30 A.M. in Tallahassee and asked the Commissioners to try to attend.
The County Coordinator also asked the Board to consider clearing the pines on the south 15 acres of the County’s property on Dale Leslie Drive to make it look more like development property. Mr. Cherry reported a chipper operation could clear the land at no cost to the County. The Board by consensus agreed to agenda the matter for the next Regular Meeting.
There being no further business to come before the Board, the Chair adjourned the meeting at 6:10 P.M.
                                                                        Board of County Commissioners
                                                                        Madison County, Florida
By: ____________________________
                                                                               Renetta Parrish, Chair
Tim Sanders, Clerk to the Board of
County Commissioners

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