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BOCC Special Minutes September 22, 2010


                                        BOARD OF COUNTY COMMISSIONERS
                                                MADISON COUNTY, FLORIDA
                                                        COURTHOUSE ANNEX
                                         MINUTES OF THE SPECIAL MEETING
                                            WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 22, 2010
                                                                      4:00 P.M.
The Board of County Commissioners of Madison County, Florida met this day in Special Session with the following members present: Justin Hamrick (District 1), Wayne Vickers (District 2), Renetta Parrish (District 3), Alfred Martin (District 4), and Roy Ellis (District 5). Also present were County Coordinator Allen Cherry, County Clerk Tim Sanders, and members of the Health Insurance Committee.
The Chairman, Honorable Justin Hamrick, called the meeting to order at 4:30 P.M. and explained the purpose of the meeting was to: 1). Discuss changes in the County Employee Health Insurance plan; and 2). Approval of a resolution opposing the North Central Florida Regional Planning Council’s Policy 4.1.6 limiting the harvesting of biomass from natural resources.
Brown & Brown Insurance Agency Account Executive Robin Riley explained the authority of the State of Florida Department of Insurance to approve rates for insurance plans. She also reported UnitedHealthcare acted in good faith when it agreed to the $100 copay for three benefits (Durable Medical Equipment; Scopic Procedures; and Outpatient Surgery Physician Fees) in the Revised Plan/Board approved “Choice Plan F7J-P”, which was denied by the state. 
Ms. Riley stated in order to make their mistake right, UnitedHealthcare has agreed to again revise said “Choice Plan” to cover said three benefits 100%, at no cost to the employee. Ms. Riley presented a spreadsheet of an “Executive Summary of Group Health Plan Quotes-October 1, 2010 through September 30, 2011”, which detailed the changes in said coverages.
Ms. Riley also gave the Board an update on the Guardian dental plan approved by the Board for county employees. She reported Guardian is presently in negotiations with Dr. Clint Rogers and Madison Dental Associates, while a contract with Dr. Roderick Shaw is not in the works. She did report that Dr. Shaw has agreed to file claims with Guardian. In closing, Ms. Riley presented copies to the Board of the UnitedHealthcare BENEFIT SUMMARY of said modified “Choice Plan F7J”.
Regarding the request for a resolution from the Board to remove said North Central Florida Regional Planning Council (NCFRPC) Policy 4.1.6 concerning the harvesting of biomass from the Evaluation and Appraisal Report-based amendments, Mr. Cherry said a letter, instead, from the Board would suffice. Mr. Cherry presented a proposed letter to the NCFRPC from the Chairman of the Madison County Board of County Commissioners dated September 22, 2010, which thanked NCFRPC staff for removing said Policy 4.1.6 and asked to take into consideration the removal of items 13, 14, and 15 concerning biomass and timber harvesting from the proposed Natural Resources of Regional Significance Problems, Needs, and Opportunities Statement. Upon a motion by Commissioner Vickers, seconded by Commissioner Martin, the Board voted unanimously to approve said letter.
There being no further business, the Chairman adjourned the meeting at 4:50 P.M.
                                                                        Board of County Commissioners
                                                                        Madison County, Florida
                                                                              Justin Hamrick, Chairman
Tim Sanders, Clerk to the Board of
County Commissioners

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