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BOCC Minutes January 20, 2010


4:00 P.M.
The Board of County Commissioners of Madison County, Florida met this day in Regular Session with the following members present: Justin Hamrick (District 1), Wayne Vickers (District 2), Renetta Parrish (District 3), Alfred Martin (District 4), and Roy Ellis (District 5). Also present were County Coordinator Allen Cherry, County Attorney George T. Reeves, and County Clerk Tim Sanders.
The Chairman, Honorable Justin Hamrick, called the meeting to order and Mr. Jerome Wyche, Madison County Solid Waste/Recycling Coordinator, opened with prayer and pledge to the flag.
Upon a motion by Commissioner Vickers, seconded by Commissioner Ellis, the Board voted unanimously (5-0) to approve the agenda as presented.
The minutes of the Regular Meeting held on January 6, 2010 were presented for review. Upon a motion by Commissioner Parrish, seconded by Commissioner Martin, the Board voted unanimously (5-0) to approve said minutes as presented.
Upon a motion by Commissioner Parrish, seconded by Commissioner Vickers, the Board voted unanimously (5-0) to approve the Consent Agenda (1. Approval of Tourist Development Grant for Madison Rotary 5th Saturday Event for $1,050.00; 2. Budget Amendment Request for Special Assessment – Fire (Fire Board); 3. Budget Amendment Request for Special Assessment – Fire (Hamburg/Lovett Volunteer Fire Dept.); 4. Budget Amendment Request for FEMA Reimbursement to Lee Volunteer Fire Department; 5. Budget Amendment Request for FEMA Reimbursement to Pinetta Volunteer Fire Department).
Under “Public Works Department”, Solid Waste/Recycling Coordinator Jerome Wyche gave an update on the construction of the new collection center (San Pedro/Tuten) located near the intersection of State Road 14 and County Road 360.
The Chairman directed the Board’s attention to a proposed INTERLOCAL AGREEMENT between the City of Madison, the County, and the Madison County Sheriff for Fire Protection and Dispatch/Communications Services. The City Commission approved on January 12th the following charges for the County to pay for City fire and rescue responses outside the corporate limits of the City:
$350.00 for each call in which Engine 2 is used until September 30, 2010
$500.00 for each call in which Engine 2 is used after September 30, 2010
$350.00 for each call in which Engine 4 is used until September 30, 2010
$500.00 for each call in which Engine 4 is used after September 30, 2010
$35.00 per hour for each salaried firefighter responding to an alarm; and
$75.00 per hour for the Fire Chief responding to an alarm.
The Clerk questioned “Section 5” of said agreement on the applicability of the City’s payment to the County for dispatch services to the City’s police and fire/rescue departments from funds derived from the $12.50 Intergovernment Radio Communication Program Surcharge on moving traffic violations. A motion was made by Commissioner Parrish and seconded by Commissioner Vickers to approve said Interlocal Agreement, subject to the County Attorney’s review of Section 318.21(9), Florida Statutes. Commissioner Martin asked the County Attorney for advice on a possible conflict of interest that he may have being the City of Madison Fire Chief. Mr. Reeves recommended Commissioner Martin abstain from voting on the measure, since he was an employee of the City and the outcome of the vote may have an effect on the City’s Fire Services budget. Motion carried 4-0 with Commissioner Martin abstaining from the vote (See attached Form 8B - Memorandum Of Voting Conflict For County, Municipal, And Other Public Officers).
            Madison County Senior Citizens Executive Director Rosa Richardson, along with Mr. Brooks Haynes of Peter Brown Construction, Inc., presented financial reports (Fixed Capital Outlay, Cash Flow Projection, Standard General ledger) associated with the construction of the new Senior Center located south of Madison on State Road 14. Mr. Haynes reported on the status of construction and invited the Board for a tour of the new facility.
            Mr. James Hampton presented an aerial photograph of a 32.42 acre parcel (#28-1N-09-5086-053-000) owned jointly by the County and the City of Madison and asked the Board for permission to purchase the timber on said tract of land. Because the property was associated with a multi-governmental attempt to control flooding and conveyed to the City and County by the Suwannee River Water Management District (SRWMD), Mr. Reeves advised the Board to contact SRWMD about the cutting of timber and its effects on stormwater run-off. Commissioner Martin asked Mr. Cherry to contact SRWMD and agenda the matter for the next Regular Meeting. 
Mr. Hampton also expressed interest in the purchase of timber on a 137.42 acre tract (#28-1N-07-2542-003-000) owned by the County and located south of Greenville on U. S. 221 and adjacent to the Regional Landfill. Commissioner Ellis asked about a bid process for timber sales and Mr. Reeves advised the Board to engage in such a process. The Board by consensus asked Mr. Cherry to not only contact the SRWMD, but also the Landfill Authority, and to look at other properties owned by the County that may have marketable timber.
Emergency Management Director Vickie Brown made reference to an AGREEMENT found in the Commissioner’s packet between Pictometry International Corp. and Madison County for aerial Licensed Images of Madison County. Mrs. Brown reported Madison County was one of five counties that received grant funding for the software that can be utilized by Emergency Management, the Property Appraiser, Emergency Medical Services, the Sheriff, and Fire Services. She reported at this time there is no cost to the County and the contract is for three years. Upon a motion by Commissioner Parrish, seconded by Commissioner Vickers, the Board voted unanimously to approve said AGREEMENT.
The Clerk noted the 2010 Holiday Schedule for Madison County previously approved may need to be amended if the 2011 New Years Day holiday is observed on the Friday (December 31, 2010) before Saturday, the 1st. The Clerk reported the courts will be observing New Years Day on said Friday. A motion was made by Commissioner Vickers and seconded by Commissioner Martin to amend the 2010 Holiday Schedule and add Friday, December 31st for the New Years Day observance.   Motion carried 5-0.
The County Attorney referred to an INTERLOCAL AGREEMENT between the District Board of Trustees of North Florida Community College (NFCC) and the Madison County Board of County Commissioners (County) regarding the transfer of a 3.5 acre parcel of land (parcel # 35-3N-09-5543-001-001) used for a firing range from NFCC to the County. He reviewed sections of the Agreement that have been amended from the original that was presented earlier in the year, most notably Section 3 on conveyance; Section 4 on the use of said property; and Section 6 on possible lead contamination. Sheriff Ben Stewart stated the Sheriff’s Office was ready to take control and supervision of the property and the office’s current insurance will cover the property and use at no extra charge. A motion was made by Commissioner Martin and seconded by Commissioner Ellis to approve said INTERLOCAL AGREEMENT. Motion carried 5-0.
Mr. Cherry gave the Board an update on the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Emergency Set Aside Program and reported eight (8) homeowners affected by recent flood waters will be assisted with the grant funding (four replacements and four repairs). Mr. Cherry also reported the bids for housing repairs and manufactured home replacements will be presented to the Board on February 17th.
Commissioner Ellis reminded the Board of the new Lee Library Grand Opening and Open House on Sunday, January 24th from 2 P.M. to 4 P.M.   
 There being no further business, the Chairman adjourned the meeting at 10:10 A.M.
                                                                        Board of County Commissioners
                                                                        Madison County, Florida
By: ____________________________
                                                                               Justin Hamrick, Chairman
Tim Sanders, Clerk to the Board of
County Commissioners

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